Tana - Nosy Be en Taxi brousse

The Tana journey - Nosy Be is nice to, the road is not the best in the world but still good, although some repairs will not hurt him. Great views if a little long with a little less than 24 hours to get to nosybe ...

How do the trip Tana - Nosy Be ?

You have the choice between bush taxi and 4 x 4. In the bush taxi, you are gone for more travel 18h, departure from the bus station that goes to Tamatave (50 000 Ar per person). Choose your company (I personally through Kofmad, tel 032 01 217 85), this choice for me on one thing, tire quality ! Popping in from nowhere environments in Madagascar is not the most pleasant ...
After, while the bush taxis have the same points in common, the eternal musical atmosphere accompanied with a little luck one or two toddlers with conductor for a couple of quirks driver behind the wheel with their legendary dextérités ! It is an experience at least once, come to Madagascar without the, you miss some things ! Personally I had abandoned to make way to the charm of the uncertainty of bush taxis ^ - ^.

The departure this fact early in the afternoons around 13h - 14h, take a good breakfast because the next stop will be at 21h - 22h ! Lunch break in a tavern on the road, you will have the choice, after if you're not used to Madagascar, simply avoid raw vegetables, apart from that you feast !
The bush taxi to arrive Ambandja in the early morning around 6am - 7am. depuis Ambandja, you must take a collective taxi ( 5 000 Ar per person) to go up Ankif (harbor), a path of a pretty nice time with beautiful photos to take.
A time to Ankif, you must take the boat to port Hell City – Nosy Be. You have two possibilities, grand & big boat that will put 3 hours to make the crossing 4 000 Ar per person or a quick shuttle that leaves every hour around (once the full boat) to 10 000 Ar per person, knowing that supplements can be requested if you have lots of luggage (you negotiate ^ - ^). The journey will be much faster, En 45 min max voila you arrived at the port city of Hell - Nosy Be !

If you made the trip by car, in the case of a driver guide, I suggest you, you just have to be guided. You can stop in nice places and why not make a detour to Mahajanga ? by car, you go directly to the port, Quick shuttle and Nosy Be waiting for you ! A tip if you go by car, do not drive at night, the bush taxis them are in convoy.

In case you want to cross the car to nosy be, you'll have to go by ferry, I hope you know take a right steering wheel if the car goes to water ^^ Once the car loaded, I suggest you take a quick shuttle car and wait quietly in the shade on Nosy Be. I personally have not made the trip Ankif tray - nosybe, but stay 6am to cook, I have already made Soaneranivongo in Sainte Marie, the experience was enough, I avoid when I can !