The apartment hotel is a type of accommodation that provides total independence to tenants while offering them services à la carte. This new concept is coming to Nosy-Be.

An apart hotel, what's this ?

It is a new type of rental halfway between the apartment and the hotel. It is sufficiently equipped, complete furniture included, to allow you to enjoy the comfort of an apartment. The hotel staff is still at your service. However, he wants to respect your independence.

An apartment hotel can be rented for a day, for a week or for a month. When you stay there, you are free to prepare or order your meal. In such a tourist residence, you are at home. You don't settle for just one room like in hotels, but a larger living space that can be presented as a studio, a two-room apartment or more.

Who benefits from an apartment hotel in Nosy Be? ?

It is especially people passing through Nosy-Be on business who opt for an apartment hotel.. This formula suits them perfectly because it gives them access to the means of telecommunication they need.. Businessmen and women can receive their partners and guests in their rental. They can undertake their activity in complete freedom without worrying about housework, these services being offered to them, if they want to.

Tourists are the other category of travelers who are interested in the apartment hotel in Nosy-Be. It is mainly foreigners who come to Madagascar for a long stay. As a stay on the perfume island is synonymous with going out (it would be a shame, indeed, to remain cloistered between the four walls of your apartment in exotic land), you are free to leave your residence to go wherever you want. No one will have access to it without your allowing it (for weekly cleaning, for example).

In summary, we stay in an apartment hotel in Nosy-Be to have the freedom to move around while keeping our belongings in a safe place, safely. Another reason to live in an apartment hotel is to feel at home.