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Do you have the irresistible urge to travel to a unique island in the world ? Do you know Nosy Tanikely ? If this name intrigues you, that's a good thing. This island has indeed something very particular. If you want to explore the hidden secrets of the center of Nosy Be, we present to you without further delay the wonders of Nosy Tanikely. Thereafter, if you want to spend a pleasant time there, we offer you one of the wonderful hotels on the splendid island of Nosy Be.

The Big Island natural aquarium

In the heart of the perfume island, Nosy Tanikely reveals its fabulous 15 hectares of land. Nicknamed "the island of little land", this is one of the few places where aquatic fauna reign supreme. Its underwater reserve is so rich in endemic species. Since 2010 until now, Nosy Tanikely bears the name of marine natural park. Since fish and other marine specimens live in harmony in the deep waters of Tanikely, she is uninhabited. otherwise, the natural aquarium has 700 m around the lighthouse to expose its fabulous expanses. However, you can also take a swim in the east side of the island. You will even have the opportunity to dive around the island in its turquoise waters. Then bring all the diving equipment because you will see the treasures of Mother Nature. Dolphins, coral reefs and sea turtles
are waiting for you.

For those who are more oriented towards small terrestrial hikes, this jewel also offers you paradisiacal landscapes. Lemurs as well as other extraordinary fauna such as 11 reptile species, 13 species of birds extend their arms to you. And that's not all, you will have the chance to see the 89 flowers that Nosy Tanikely possessed. Tourists also have the right to take a nice walk to the top of the island with its 40 altitude meters. You can get there by speedboat from Nosy Be. It's just that 15 minutes. Too, the latter provides you with a very charming welcome, a picnic area and many other exciting activities. So, you can get there from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.. To do this, you simply buy the entrance ticket at the reception of the Park in Hell-Ville Nosy Be. And it's up to you to explore Nosy Taninkely.


If you want to stay in Nosy Be while waiting for the big day, don't miss the Residence Au Sable Blanc. It is an establishment located on the west side of Nosy Be on the bay of Madirokely. A haven of peace personified. You will also have the opportunity to admire the beautiful sunset from the superb Big Island. A very competent team guarantees you. The reception is at your disposal 24 hours a day. Being a hotel by the sea, Au sable Blanc accommodation is very comfortable and adapted to your needs. If you want to request other services, the hotel staff is at your disposal. The Residence Au sable Blanc is a highly friendly hotel and welcomes your family. Whether you are alone or as a couple or with your family, it is not a concern for the residence. You will be very well received and well maintained.



The island of Tanikely, very popular with scuba divers, is located in the middle of the bay of Nosy Be, just 5 nautical miles from Nosy Komba.