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Also known as the Orchid Island, it is a neighboring island of Nosy Be. You are probably wondering why this name, is indeed its main center of attraction lies in its natural heritage. The best thing for you is to take a short hike accompanied by a tourist guide. Thanks to him, you will discover the most spectacular places that can offer Nosy-Sakatia.

So you will know the Hus and local customs of the island. You will also explore the vanilla fields as far as the eye can see, coffee trees, fruit trees such as orange trees and beautiful lemon trees and the famous orchids for which Sakatia is famous. The fauna that inhabits it is quite surprising. Bats, reptilian species and other specimens buried deep in the rainforest. If you are passionate about scuba diving, nothing prevents you from visiting the peaceful waters of the beautiful island with the beautiful

Nosy-Sakatia is meant to be on a postcard. Enjoy its white sand beaches as well as the atmosphere of well-being. We offer you Ambaliha beach with its restaurant. You will taste the Malagasy specialties once in the square. You will be in tune with nature. You can also pay a visit to Madiro. A fairly remote beach from the rest of the island. You will meet there calm and appeasement. You will see some inhabitants of the beach if you wish to converse with them. You will have the opportunity to explore the mythical villages of Sakatia.

This jewel has 3 villages of which the most remarkable is Ampasimena. The latter hosts traditional Malagasy festivals such as the dust ball. Did you know that there is a peninsula governed by primary forest ? This "Sacred Mountain" has always remained pure because it is not defiled by the hand of man.

As Sakatia is a close neighbor of Nosy Be, your stay will allow you to visit several sites at the same time. for example, Lokobe Park. Combining botanical garden and zoological park, it is a real protected treasure. For plant lovers, you will find true love alongside the enriching flora. As for the curious who are interested in animals, they will be served. Lemurs and rare birds are within reach during your expeditions. You will probably not miss the various varieties of palm trees during your journey. In sum, come and have a wonderful holiday at Nosy-Sakatia. Apart from its amazing ecosystem, Sakatia also has interesting accommodations.

Now, take the detour to get to the most wonderful hotel la Residence Au sable blanc. Whether your family is accompanying you or whether you are alone or even with your other half, Au sable blanc offers adapted accommodation. Moreover, you have the opportunity to admire the bay of Madirokely and the village of Ambatoloaka thanks to its rooms. The establishment has 4 apartments. The Residence also welcomes you in its studios according to your needs. This has a lot of activities in store for you, such as scuba diving to learn about the aquatic flora.. The Residence team is always at your disposal because its reception is open 24 hours a day. The house also offers you a little trip to the village of Ambatoloaka to see the life that animates the inhabitants. The very festive atmosphere characterizes this village. The Residence Au Sable Blanc will meet all your needs.


The island is located to the west of the island of Nosy Be and is accessible by boat, for a barely crossing 10 minutes. To be sure you can discover everything, join her at dawn, the premises are always available to welcome you.