Nosy Sakatia

Nosy Sakatia à nosy be madagascar

Nosy Sakatia is certainly the most authentic island of Nosy Be (protected and classified by the Ministry of the environment).
This island very preserved on the West side of Nosy Be, cache sites very appreciated by scientists and birdwatchers.
Old flamboyants, coffee, pepper shakers, vanilla, trees of the traveller, Pineapple, cashew, Mango, jackfruit, guava, eucalyptus, swamp greenbul, orchids, medicinal plants, etc….
Everything is there !!!

Culture and traditional activities of the inhabitants of the island (rites and customs, beliefs and legends), fishermen, breeders, farmers and craftsmen invite you to share their daily lives to the rhythm of a generous and respected nature.

Lunch feet in water in the shade of the coconut palms on the beach of Ambalia, paradise of beauty and tranquility.
Snorkelling, kayaks, Beach games, space of relaxation and massage are placed at your disposal.