Nosy Komba, the lemur island, a jewel of nature

Nosy Komba

Rainforest of sight, fauna and flora rich in diversity, paradisiacal beaches with turquoise, volcanic rocks, Nosy Komba is a haven of calm and wonder where you can feel the fullness. Overlooking a mountain 622 meters high, this haven also called Nosy Ambariovato, is comparable to its neighbors. Aboard a boat, join this dream destination for beach Madirokely for a unique experience in the heart of a wild and varied.

Travel in Nosy Komba to be in full contact with nature

After a cruise over the tranquil waters of the Mozambique Channel, welcome to Nosy Komba which is open between land and sea in the heart of a nature of exceptional beauty. During this hike on the island heights, enjoy the sweetness and joy of living of its friendly people for a true homecoming. The variety of outstanding landscape will surprise even the most indifferent of you. Nosy Komba is a place of fulfillment of a large number of endemic plant species such as the traveler's tree or ylang-ylang. This character of land is also known for its production of pepper and coffee whose crops will perfume your route. After a long ride discoveries, you can continue with a diving session to admire the underwater treasures of the island. Nothing can replace that magic moment that you spend in this paradise destination, synonymous with scenery and healing. An incredibly beautiful view awaits you.

lemurs : as natural and cultural treasures in Nosy Komba

lemurs, they are among the species that underpin the reputation of the island Komba. More than just animals, Macaco lemurs these represent an important cultural value to the inhabitants of this northwestern part of Madagascar. Present in different varieties on the island, they are sacred and are area forbidden or "fady". It is therefore forbidden to hunt, disrupt and feed, but rest assured, it will already be a great pleasure to see the forest and go see coming your way.