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Would you like to enter into communion with nature ? If the answer is yes, pack your bags now because we will take you to the island with turquoise waters and white sands of Nosy-Iranja. Commonly known as turtle island, we will present to you the most sensational places to see in the southwest of Nosy Be and maybe you will even spend a very long stay in this island. The cream of the Indian Ocean reaches out to you and guides you to another world.

The jewel of the Big Island in all its splendor

Let yourself be transported to the island of your dreams. Close to the island with the fragrance of Nosy Be, a speedboat gives you access to this island. Nosy Iranja is exceptional because two islets made it up : Nosy-Iranja Be et Nosy Iranja Kely. A 2km long beach separates its two islets. During your stay, so you will have the opportunity each small island. You will have the chance to discover a breathtaking aerial view and a view of the sea as well as the neighboring islands in Nosy Iranja Be. Thanks to the former lighthouse of Gustave Eiffel, you can see the wonders of the island. The rainforest rules Nosy Iranja. Go on an underwater expedition or explore the flora and fauna of Iranja. In the moonlight, sea ​​turtles come to lay their eggs on the surface. You will witness a very moving moment alongside the sea turtles.

nosy-iranjaWhen you land on the paradise island, meet the fishermen who live on the island. You will learn about the way of life aboard a canoe. It would be a boon for you to see the best fishing spots on the island. On the other hand, if you want a long sea trip, opt for a motor boat. The latter will take you to the heart of the volcanic archipelago of Mitsio. You will therefore hear the legend of the five brothers once there. You will benefit from other very interesting activities apart from boat trips. You scuba dive and be in tune with schools of exotic fish. If you are keen on snorkeling or windsurfing, you can practice them between May and September. If you decide to spend your vacation there, Nosy-Iranja meets your wishes. During your change of scenery, observe the beauty of nature.


Without delay, we offer you the splendid hotel La Residence "Au sable Blanc". It is located at 20 km from Madirokely Airport. You can also enjoy the white sand beaches of the bay of Nosy Be. This residence has apartments, studios. So you can relax in these accommodations. In addition to access to the beach, these are well equipped and offer you comfort and tranquility. If you have special needs, talk to the hotel staff. « White sand »Has the best team to meet your expectations. The reception is at your service 24 /24h. They will do everything to make your stay in Nosy Be exciting and very pleasant. The establishment presents you with really exciting activities in the village of Ambatoloaka. You will find mount and wonder there. You might even take a little souvenir or two.



Nosy-Iranja is a beautiful small island in the shape of a "T" with a train, it is anchored on the northwest coast of Madagascar. Nosy Iranja, turtle island, is located on the Mozambique Channel, it is an hour by speed boat south of Nosy Be