Nosy Komba

At less than 30 min by boat from the Residence to the white sand is Nosy Komba, most often called the Lemur Island because very many.
Between beautiful almost white sandy beaches deserted, its lemurs in freedoms, its handicrafts and the top of the island (622m) with its panoramic view of a world without roads or electricity, This island will leave you dreamy for a long time …

Nosy Komba
Nosy Komba sauvage

Nosy Tanikely

Lies to the South of Nosy Be Nosy Tanikely which means island of the small Earth.
With its beautiful coral reefs, turtles and multicolored fish this is one of the most beautiful sites of scuba diving in the region which will enchant as confirmed beginner divers.
Nosy Tanikely offers a beautiful beach of white sand with a lagoon of postcard as all islands of Nosy Be.
Remember passing Nosy Tanikely mount see the lighthouse dating 1908 located at the top of the island, a splendid view awaits you.

Nosy Tanikely
Nosy Tanikely the enchenteresse

Nosy Sakatia

An island paradise that we all one day dreamed. A while just 1 km sides less than 30 min by boat this small island of 4 km on 2 supports a primary forest where you can observe wild orchids, vanilla plantation, pepper, Pineapple, bats and if you lucky the smallest Chameleon in the world (1cm).

Nosy Sakatia à nosy be madagascar
Nosy Sakatia, Orchid Island

Nosy Iranja

Better known as Turtle Island (you guess why) consists of two small islands connected by a white sand located in the South West of be.
Attention to the tide or you will need to return to swim since the 2nd island …

Nosy Iranja à Madagascar
Nosy Iranja, Turtle Island

Nosy Mitsio

An archipelago of small islands of dream.
White sand beaches, basalt, seabed of first order, you will not stay on your hunger.
Mitsio is the largest island of the archipelago, several fishing villages are installed on its sides, and if you're adventurous need you several days of exploration on foot to circumnavigate its wonders.
It houses one of the world's rarest birds, the Ankoay or Bald Eagle of Madagascar.

Nosy Mitsio remote
Nosy Mitsio remote