NOSY BE has earned the Tripadvisor Travelers' Choice Destinations Award 2015

Destination dream and adventure, Nosy Be is packed with beautiful beaches white sand with crystal-clear waters and lagoons in the colours of emeralds. Also known as the island of perfumes, Nosy Be is a Pearl of the Mozambique Channel, to the Northwest of Madagascar. It is among the top 10 the most popular Islands by travellers, There are two years and this year chosen as the best destination by the TRIPADVISOR site. Nosy Be is unique and remarkable biodiversity in flora and fauna. In images, Nosy Be conquered and the descent of the aircraft, impossible not to succumb to the charm. This small volcanic island of 320km 2 is a beacon of tourism destination in Madagascar.

The charm of Nosy Be.

A few kilometres from Madagascar, the island of Nosy Be is a real corner of paradise. Its beaches of white sand in an authentic and natural setting and its surrounding islands make the fame and the splendor of this island. Its flora and fauna are often endemic. Its alternate name of the island of perfumes comes from its plantations of ylang ylang. With its coral reefs, Nosy Be is the dream of amateur and professional sports destination. Scuba diving is very favourable, so much more Nosy Be has a submarine National Park at Tanihely, an island in 30 minutes of Nosy Be. An any other world under water, the marine fauna around Nosy Be is incomparable and many surprises. Rum distilleries should be included in the itinerary because these distilleries are part of the history of this island. Rum that serves as the basis for the arranged rums is made on the premises and is his specialty. For history buffs, Nosy Be is an island with a history dating back more than 1 000 years to discover. Open and welcoming is the description that suits the local population. The nosybeenne population is very festive and passionate music. Many festivals are organized like the Donia and the Somaroho. The flavours of local dishes will also be a discovery for your taste pallet.


The beautiful sunset from your represents a moment of relaxation. To benefit even more, the sunset is a real spectacle since the Mont Passot. Being the highest point, Mont Passot offers a 360 ° view over any Nosy Be and its surroundings. Before reaching the Summit for the sunset, a visit to the Florette field is mandatory. This visit offers even more discovery on the history and culture of Nosy Be. The visit to the site of the sacred tree natural and cultural is unavoidable during a stay at Nosy Be. A 30 minutes of Hell-ville, This site is a veritable historical and cultural monument. The natural Reserve of Lokobe is the best destination for exploring wildlife and the endemic flora of the island. This reserve to the South of Nosy Be is accessible either by speedboat or canoe, is the market. Of Madirokely in Andilana, The beaches of Nosy Be are simply heavenly.