Useful Info Nosy Be

Useful information on Nosy Be - Madagascar

Airline to come to Nosy Be – Madagascar :

– Corsairfly

One flight per week from Paris, direct Antananarivo, then take Air Madagascar.
CorsairFly in Niscemi suspendu find flights to Nosy Be, but offers flights Paris-Tana.

– Air Madagascar

Direct flight Paris-Nosy Be or through Tana.
Other, several weekly flights from Paris, Marseille, Brussels, Milan, … to Antananarivo (Tana), then daily flight Tana-Nosy Be.

– Air Austral

2 flights a week from the island of Reunion, direct Nosy Be.

Visa to go to Madagascar :

The formalities to come to Nosy Be or Madagascar are very simple :
A visa is issued on the spot on arrival at the airport of Nosy Be (Fascène). You can also get it from an Embassy or Consulate Malagasy in your country.
It is valid for a maximum of 3 month, renewable 1 times.
The entry Visa to Madagascar 1 months and under is FREE for all year 2012.

The following parts will be required :
  • Binding and valid passport 6 months after the date of return, The passport must have at least 2 face a face white pages.
  • A return ticket or continuation (with visa or residence permit for the country of return or if necessary continuation) an address of accommodation (hotel name is sufficient).

This visa said non-immigrant is not extendable or convertible into long-stay visa and does not give right to gainful activity.

Embassy of Madagascar in France :
Madagascar Embassy in Switzerland :
Embassy of Madagascar in Belgium :

Health in Madagascar :

antimalarial treatment strongly recommended.
Provide mosquito repellents antis.
No vaccine is mandatory (be up to date with current vaccines).

Climate in Madagascar :

Dry season : April-October.
wet season : November to March.
Nosy Be accounts 345 days of sunshine per year.
The water temperature rarely drops below 25 ° C.

Monnai local Madagascar :

The currency of Madagascar is the ariary (1 Euro = 2 800 Ariary)
Many Malagasy still speak in old currency, The Malagasy Franc (FMG).
1 Ariary = 5 FMG.
You can make changes in some banks or remove the center with a bank card.
The Visa credit card is more convenient than the Mastercard, 3 ATMs are available in downtown.
The best is to provide cash for more convenient to exchange.

Language in Madagascar :

The official language is Malagasy, but French is very practiced at Nosy Be in Madagascar as everywhere.
Below some words that you can useful beings :
french word Malagasy word Pronunciation
Hello still good Boulastsar
Health How Karak is
How are you ? What's new ? and vovo
How many ? (price) Ohatrino Outchine
Good bye goodbye Veloum
What's your name ? Who is your name
Jolie good good
Bad bad bad
The sea / the ocean sea Sea
Island Nosy Nosy
Too expensive Posted spaces Laf be
Cheaper Mora be Mora be
satiated satisfied Vouky
Hunger famine Mousary

Schedule in Madagascar :

Jet lag : +2 hours compared to France in winter, +1 Time Summer.

POI to come to Madagascar :

– Tourist Office of Nosy Be :
Chamber of Commerce – Hell City – 207 Nosy Be – Madagascar
+261 20 86 920 62
+261 33 14 680 36
+216 32 04 163 78

– Embassy of Madagascar in France :
4 Avenue Raphael 75016 PARIS
Tel : 01 45 04 62 11

– Embassy of France in Madagascar :
3 Jean-Jaurès – Ambatomena – BP 204 – Antananarivo 101
Tel. : [261] (20) 22 39 898
Fax : [261] (20) 22 39 927
Internet :
email :