Fancy an unforgettable beach holiday ? For holidays dedicated to relaxation, idleness and water sports, stay at the hotel In the white sand of Nosy-Be. This is a charming establishment perched on a peninsula bordered by a paradisiacal beach bordering a crystalline sea. Within a spectacular natural landscape, with this panoramic view of the sea and this exceptional calm, this prestigious hotel embodies Nosy-Be in all its splendor. It invites you to taste the true art of living of the Mediterranean coast, the feet in water.

White Sand : a charming address just a few steps from the beach

Clean-lined hotel located near Madirokely bay, The Residence Au Sable Blanc has direct access to beautiful sandy beaches. Barely left your place of accommodation, put your feet in the sand and enjoy the freshness of the sea water. Only a few steps separate your accommodation from the azure blue of the sea which forms a perfect picture with the greenery of coconut palms and palm trees as well as the blue of the sky. As soon as you wake up, iodine fills your lungs. All day long, the sea fills you with joy with the many activities it offers you, in addition to the wonderful changing spectacle that it presents to you according to the tide. At sunset, admire this beautiful painting that contrasts with the Big Blue from the terrace of your room. Such an experience, you will only experience it at the Au Sable Blanc residence, on the perfume island.

An active stay punctuated by various activities ... feet in the water

Ideal address for a dream vacation at the beach, the Au Sable Blanc residence guarantees you a pleasant sunny stay by the water on the Mediterranean coast. To refresh you, no need to travel several kilometers ! Put on your swimsuit, cross the threshold of your apartment and enjoy the gentle water. Dive into the translucent and cool water of the sea to relax. The relaxing turquoise of the Mediterranean Sea offers you a feeling of total well-being and plenitude. You can follow it up with a tanning session or a walk on the beach to enjoy a moment of relaxation and pleasure. For the more active, do many other water activities such as :

• the Peach
• windsurfing
• scuba diving

• le snorkelling

All this is to please you. Thrill seekers can take a dive to explore the underwater riches of Nosy-Be. A varied and breathtaking flora and fauna await you. All this is accessible to you thanks to your waterfront hotel in Nosy-Be.