Historic Hotel in Nosy-Be

Hôtel d'exception à Nosy-Be

Several criteria are an institution an exceptional hotel, and when it is implanted in Nosy-Be, other conditions reinforce these criteria. Here is an overview of the criteria and conditions.

The authenticity of the hotel

A hotel is authentic when it comes with features that distinguish. Take the Hotel Residence Au Sable Blanc for example. The main construction materials of buildings and bungalows are the country. Include the wood to build the porch and palm leaves for roofing. rooms are equipped with furniture typical of the country. The apartment foot in water that is converted blends perfectly into the decor of the resort what Nosy Be. vacation spot of choice for those wishing to learn more about the island of perfumes, Au Sable Blanc is bursting with originality.

The activities proposed by the hotel

An exceptional hotel does not allow its residents bored. It offers various activities for the enjoyment of travelers, and even the locals are drawn to it. For the Au Sable Blanc, staff the company offers sea fishing a good team initiated, scuba diving to explore the marine jewels of the country, and cruise to explore the nearby islands of Nosy Be.

The hotel's location

The view from each room is a very important detail for tenants. She depends, of course, the location of the establishment. If one always takes as an example the Hotel Residence Au Sable Blanc, its beachfront location makes it an exceptional hotel. The manager, attended by staff, knows capitalize wonders offered by the site to install sunbeds for lazing under the parasol. Sunset is worthy of the qualification of the hotel, This is exceptional, quite simply !
To an establishment of this exceptional hotel, Manager and staff play a very important role. They have a duty to offer their sympathy to their residents : smile, warm welcome, l’information, the reactivity, etc. Everything in their behavior and their services must ensure that tourists and local passage to the hotel is want to come back.