Tourist Guide Nosy Be

Tourist Guide Nosy Be

Site still preserved from mass tourism, Nosy Be is conducive to a peaceful holiday. Treat yourself to just the best accommodation for your safety. The Residence Au Sable Blanc offers homes where you can stay in complete independence, while benefiting from the services map. You are wanting. For a successful trip to this island attached to Madagascar, follow the guide.

The transport available to get to Nosy-Be

Ile aux Parfums, as we used to call, is won by water. If you come to the Big Island, that is to say, Madagascar, you take a bush taxi to drive you to Ambanja. Of the, trying to reach the small port of Ankify, where ferry or motorized canoes are waiting to take you to Nosy-Be. otherwise, Flights serving the island and ensure its connection with other continents and the planet Islands. Upon your arrival, then you will land at Fascene Airport.

Some safety rules

It is best to ask a travel agent if you plan to stay in Nosy Be. This agency will give you valuable advice on all levels. If you drop your bags at Madirokely - Ambatoloaka, know that it is a fairly quiet day, but comes in the evening. When you leave your hotel, remember to close doors and windows. When you bathe, Never leave your stuff hanging on the beach.

Health Tips

Pharmacies Nosy Be, especially those of Ambatoloaka and Hell-Ville, are well stocked. Take still your medical kit, including your usual medications to treat intestinal problems. Some dressing materials are not available locally. However, recall that in tropical countries, wounds fester more than elsewhere. Among the causes of injuries, include corals and sea urchin spines for your bathes.

Before you go to Nosy Be, consult your doctor. The best, Get vaccinated against typhoid fever and hepatitis against. Take a treatment that will prevent you from malaria, because here, mosquitoes are acting up. Prefer covering clothes to avoid being bitten by insects harmful.