Sunset is a fantastic phenomenon, a dream moment where the sky offers a fabulous landscape pleasing to the eyes. Since the Au Sable Blanc hotel, the point of view is clearer thanks to its location. The hotel is in fact on the western part of Nosy Be, facing the vast expanse of limitless ocean. If you have not yet gone to Au Sable Blanc, you are informed : the sunset seen from this location is beautiful.

Location of the hotel Au Sable Blanc

On a beautiful Madirokely beach stretching to Ambatoloaka is the splendid Au Sable Blanc hotel. Vacationers always fall under the spell of the property's fine sand and its paradisiacal environment. On its terrace from which you can easily contemplate the horizon, this place of accommodation is located in a very natural environment. Those who wish to enjoy a peaceful stay full of serenity will find their happiness here. Looking at the horizon feels like you are in another world. Au Sable Blanc is one of the establishments where you feel very close to nature. The hotel-residence is ideal for relaxation and recreation. It promises a total change of scenery for those who love nature. We don't live twice the nostalgia awakened by the surrounding nature, unless you come back to Au Sable Blanc for your next vacation in Madagascar.

The wonders of evening twilight Au Sable Blanc

From the Au Sable Blanc hotel, know that the sunset is a daily phenomenon that constantly amazes visitors. So, in a charming and peaceful atmosphere, the landscape changes from green to red, then the sun disappears behind the horizon. You have the impression of admiring the work of a painter. The waves take on indescribable clothing. With this ray of the sun that brushes you for the last time of the day, the sky changes color and offers a magical and exceptional show. Magnificent point of view and admirable panorama, this event touches the emotion and the depths of the heart.

Great beneficial admiration

There is nothing more fascinating than contemplating a natural phenomenon which gives you one of those rare emotions. Observe and admire the horizon at the end of the day, it is dazzling and comforting especially when you are stressed or depressed. This moment of relaxation stimulates a deep imagination. It's a good, invigorating pastime. Sometimes we even lose track of time. White Sand, nature exhibits its magnificence. From the beach or the terrace of his apartment, vacationers can contemplate the sun and the sky which together perform such a dazzling and awe-inspiring work so that, in front of such a spectacle, the mind feels relaxed and at ease.