Apartments for rent in Nosy Be

Bungalow en location à Nosy-be

Madagascar is an island paradise with thousands of colors. Ile-continent, ranked fourth largest island in the world, reveals unusual venues that both seduce travelers, tourists and even local. Possessing long coastline, it is animated by a variety of endemic species like lemurs. Tropical forests, beaches and reefs form an unusual landscape. For a memorable vacation, why not make a detour to Nosy-Be, one of its most beautiful islands ?

The pleasure of living in a close to the sea apartment, an unforgettable adventure

Nosy-Be has apartments for rent available to the whole family or a group of people. This type of accommodation is designed for every type of holidaymaker. Quiet and charming, The apartments come in different forms. What makes them similar, it is their exoticism. They are not without comfort. It is inside a big bed with sanitary standards, furniture and an optional air conditioner. Furthermore, with the presence of a private terrace with hammock, it gives the opportunity to admire the beauty of the night under the stars with family. During the day, their sea view is simply soothing. For those who want to connect to internet, WiFi is free.

The attractions of Nosy-Be

Always, Hotel next competition, Nosy Be is not let down by the other sights. The island has retained its traditional value while further improving. It creates annual activities that differentiate, as Somaroho Festival, Donia, and the last time, Libertalia. Geographically side, Nosy-Be has a reserve of forest designated Lokobe located southeast. Lokobe home chameleons, geckos and frogs typical of the country. In the capital, Hell-Ville, the colonial buildings and the covered market you are full of surprises. For tourists interested in the food, a visit to the distillery of the nineteenth century will benefit them. The plant was used for the extraction of essential oils of ylang-ylang.
To top it all, rental apartments play a very important role in Nosy Be economy.